Love Your Skin More: 7 Relevant Skin Care Secrets To Consider

Published / by Jenna

Holiday season is definitely in the air! Let this season be a great time for you to pamper your skin and nourish it before exploring the marvel of the outdoors. Give your skin a healthy and radiant glow with these special treats that you can consider. Feel the soft effects of natural skin nourishment.


Do you want to have a flawless and well-nourished skin? Of course, you do! This holiday season is the time of the year when we are all excited to have fun and celebrate special occasions or events with family and friends. As fall begins, it’s just nice to sit back, relax, or go somewhere enjoyable and flaunt our beautiful and unblemished skin. It is not only the eyes that reflect a person’s personality; your skin can also tell. Having a fair and younger looking skin showcases how you care so much for your skin and that is an advantage.

Even when it’s not summer, people often on vacation as a way to spend their holidays. Most of the times you will be under the sun, which is why it is important for you to keep your skin nourished all the time. UV rays from the sun can cause cell damage; that’s why you should take your time in taking good care of your skin as to repair the damage. According to experts, it doesn’t mean that you’re not exposed to the sun’s rays when it’s cloudy or if it’s not visible – the UV rays are still present. Hence, it’s equally important to maintain your skin’s healthy condition.   As much as possible you must go for natural skin nourishment in order to avoid chemicals that could worsen skin damage. If you opt for skin creams, just remember to check the label, look for its composition and choose a mild organic composition. Here are seven skin care secrets that you could consider to pamper your skin this holiday season.

  1. Water Therapy

Drinking lots of water can help your skin get the nourishment that it needs. A minimum of seven to nine glasses is a must, especially during this season. There are a number of ways wherein water can provide a healthy and younger-looking glow on your skin.

  1. Oily Skin? Worry No More

If you have an oily skin type, applying milk, turmeric powder and honey can help you get a rare glow on your skin. Aside from that, you can apply face mask that is designed for oilier skin at home. You can also explore and try other natural ways for a less oily skin.

  1. Cleanse Your Skin

Cleansing your skin is a way of removing toxins or dirt. You can apply yogurt which is considered to be a natural cleanser; applying a tablespoon of it would give you a radiant glow. You can also try other natural face cleanser recipes for a smoother and prettier skin.

  1. Protect With Sunblock/Sunscreen

Exposure to sunlight can damage skin that is why you must protect yourself always. It helps to prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations. Aside from that, sunblock/sunscreens are proven to delay development of wrinkles, prematurely aging skin.

  1. Have A Nice Bath

Nothing beats a nice and soothing bath. Dirt, the wind, and dryness can cause havoc on your skin causing dryness and irritation that is why a relaxing bath is the best. You can prepare a mix of powdered milk, baking soda, and lavender for a comforting bath. You can also try DIY bath products for a better soak in the tub.

  1. Moisturize Regularly

Moisturizers can keep your skin hydrated every day which is important in fighting dryness, balancing skin tone and improving skin texture. Aside from that, it can prevent and treat irritants of contact dermatitis. You can mix a cup of buttermilk with half an avocado, two tablespoons of honey and a dash of olive oil for a natural and homemade moisturizer recipe.

  1. Eat Healthy

A healthy and balanced diet can help your skin’s hydration as well as keep your skin supple. Not only that, eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals can help your body fight off blemishes. Berries and tomatoes are just one of the many fruits that are rich in antioxidants.  

Going with the natural way of skin pampering is great. It can provide you a healthier and radiant glow to your skin. Keeping yourself nourished and soft can be quite a handful, however, bear in mind that it is for your own good. You’ll even love the results! You can also take all-organic health supplements that could help your skin glow and at the same time boost your body’s immune system. So, make this a daily habit, be proud of your skin and flaunt it for everyone to see!