About My Jamberry Blog

Published / by Jenna

Well hello there, thank you for reading my first ever blog.


Who Am I? Am I With Jamberry?

jamberry-disneyFirst, no… I am not a Jamberry Independent Consultant like you’ve seen so many others out there are. I do know a couple people who are consultants, but I never took to it. I also am in no way affiliated with Jamberry.

I am a lover of all things to make me gorgeous (ha… autocorrect tried to make gorgeous “courageous”). Okay I know, dumb comment but I’m just that kind of gal. What do you want, a boring blog?

Okay so who am I?

Nobody but really, everybody. We are all the same, right? I’m just one in a bunch 🙁 … how to do make emoj’s on here? I live in Tulsa and I pretty much wake up every morning at 9am and I first put on my make-up even before I brush my teeth lol.. I know, kinda gross but like I said, I like to look good.

I am a Paralegal but I suppose since this blog is about me being silly I probably shouldn’t mention which business I work for so as to not make them look unprofessional. And for that reason, I am using a Pen name on this site, Jill.

Beauty and Nail Wraps / Art

If you like:

  • make-up
  • pretty nails (Jamberry, nail art, nail wraps)
  • sparkles
  • pink
  • healthy skin
  • shade when there’s sun

You might just like my blog. I’m always looking online for some kind of 7 tips or 8 top tips for making you look more beautiful. I mentioned the sun above and I love being outdoors, but I’ve read so much about how too much sun for people with fair skin can be.

Now if you have darker skin, lucky you, it appears UV rays don’t affect you as much.

My fair skin, on the other hand, gets burned pretty easily.

I really go into nail art a few years ago when a friend sent me some free Jamberry nail wraps to try out. They were really easy to put on (I used a hair drier)… gotta say, I never used a hair drier to put on my nails before. Maybe to harden them, but not put them on.

Anyway, I thought it was so cute how there were so many different designs you could put on and the nail wraps lasted me 2 weeks without chipping. I’ve never had nails that lasted more than a week without looking like crap.

So, you’ll probably see me mention Jamberry a few times on this blog.

Anyway, thanks for listening and learning more about me.