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Love Your Skin More: 7 Relevant Skin Care Secrets To Consider

Published / by Jenna

Holiday season is definitely in the air! Let this season be a great time for you to pamper your skin and nourish it before exploring the marvel of the outdoors. Give your skin a healthy and radiant glow with these special treats that you can consider. Feel the soft effects of natural skin nourishment.


Do you want to have a flawless and well-nourished skin? Of course, you do! This holiday season is the time of the year when we are all excited to have fun and celebrate special occasions or events with family and friends. As fall begins, it’s just nice to sit back, relax, or go somewhere enjoyable and flaunt our beautiful and unblemished skin. It is not only the eyes that reflect a person’s personality; your skin can also tell. Having a fair and younger looking skin showcases how you care so much for your skin and that is an advantage.

Even when it’s not summer, people often on vacation as a way to spend their holidays. Most of the times you will be under the sun, which is why it is important for you to keep your skin nourished all the time. UV rays from the sun can cause cell damage; that’s why you should take your time in taking good care of your skin as to repair the damage. According to experts, it doesn’t mean that you’re not exposed to the sun’s rays when it’s cloudy or if it’s not visible – the UV rays are still present. Hence, it’s equally important to maintain your skin’s healthy condition.   As much as possible you must go for natural skin nourishment in order to avoid chemicals that could worsen skin damage. If you opt for skin creams, just remember to check the label, look for its composition and choose a mild organic composition. Here are seven skin care secrets that you could consider to pamper your skin this holiday season.

  1. Water Therapy

Drinking lots of water can help your skin get the nourishment that it needs. A minimum of seven to nine glasses is a must, especially during this season. There are a number of ways wherein water can provide a healthy and younger-looking glow on your skin.

  1. Oily Skin? Worry No More

If you have an oily skin type, applying milk, turmeric powder and honey can help you get a rare glow on your skin. Aside from that, you can apply face mask that is designed for oilier skin at home. You can also explore and try other natural ways for a less oily skin.

  1. Cleanse Your Skin

Cleansing your skin is a way of removing toxins or dirt. You can apply yogurt which is considered to be a natural cleanser; applying a tablespoon of it would give you a radiant glow. You can also try other natural face cleanser recipes for a smoother and prettier skin.

  1. Protect With Sunblock/Sunscreen

Exposure to sunlight can damage skin that is why you must protect yourself always. It helps to prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations. Aside from that, sunblock/sunscreens are proven to delay development of wrinkles, prematurely aging skin.

  1. Have A Nice Bath

Nothing beats a nice and soothing bath. Dirt, the wind, and dryness can cause havoc on your skin causing dryness and irritation that is why a relaxing bath is the best. You can prepare a mix of powdered milk, baking soda, and lavender for a comforting bath. You can also try DIY bath products for a better soak in the tub.

  1. Moisturize Regularly

Moisturizers can keep your skin hydrated every day which is important in fighting dryness, balancing skin tone and improving skin texture. Aside from that, it can prevent and treat irritants of contact dermatitis. You can mix a cup of buttermilk with half an avocado, two tablespoons of honey and a dash of olive oil for a natural and homemade moisturizer recipe.

  1. Eat Healthy

A healthy and balanced diet can help your skin’s hydration as well as keep your skin supple. Not only that, eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals can help your body fight off blemishes. Berries and tomatoes are just one of the many fruits that are rich in antioxidants.  

Going with the natural way of skin pampering is great. It can provide you a healthier and radiant glow to your skin. Keeping yourself nourished and soft can be quite a handful, however, bear in mind that it is for your own good. You’ll even love the results! You can also take all-organic health supplements that could help your skin glow and at the same time boost your body’s immune system. So, make this a daily habit, be proud of your skin and flaunt it for everyone to see!

Show Off and Prep Up This Halloween with These 5 Fantastic Jamberry Nail Wraps

Published / by Jenna

Who’s getting excited for the Halloween? I bet you are! Well, this annual holiday is just around the corner and everybody is already talking about it. Your grandma or grandpa probably told you stories about ghosts or other supernatural entities way back – anyway, Halloween would be nothing without these stories and beliefs. This is the time of year when people of all ages could dress up and personify spooky creatures as well as horrifying characters seen in movies, read in books or heard in fancy folklore or legends. Also, people love to imitate beloved cartoon or movie characters, superheroes, and personalities from their favorite drama series (I’d love to be Daenerys Targaryen for a day, *wink).

Halloween is a fun festivity and people enjoy knocking at every doorstep asking for candies while dressed in their favorite trick or treat costumes. Since time is ticking and this day is fast approaching, some of us are already busy looking for costumes, masks, and venue for a party while some are busy searching the web for the best makeup and hairstyles to go with their outfits. Of course, your nails should also symbolize this holiday. Now, to help you complete your Halloween attire, here are five fantastic Jamberry nail wraps you could use.


  1. Nightmare Before Christmas

    nightmare before christmas

Nightmare before Christmas is one of the most popular costumes during Halloween. If you intend to dress as Jack Skellington or Oogie Boogie, or any other characters of this Burtonesque film, then these nail wraps are perfect for you! You can choose from six different nail wraps and wear the best one that fits your outfit. Anyone who sees it will certainly love it – it’s spooky yet stylish!


  1. Disney Princesses


Every girl dreams to be a princess and during Halloween, some girls’ dreams do come true! Okay, so if you’re going to be a princess, who would you be? Cinderella? Snow White? Ariel? Aurora? Or Pocahontas? Whoever you choose, Jamberry’s nail wrap collection of Disney princesses have it all for you. You can really feel like a total princess especially with those fabulous and glamorous nails!


  1. Disney Villains

    disney villains 2

If there are princesses present, of course, there will be villains. Most people love to personify villains during Halloween – for the sake of being evil and all in a day. The most popular villain portrayed by many is Maleficent and if ever you decide to choose her, then Mistress f All Evil nail wrap is the best choice. Also, if you choose other villains like Ursula, Cruella Deville, or Evil Queen, no worries, Jamberry can definitely help you with that.


  1. Disney Frozen


Disney’s Frozen is not only an award-winning animated movie and box office hit, but also a top-selling merchandise, especially for children. In every costume party, there’s always an Elsa, Anna or Olaf in the crowd. If you, your kid or your niece (Jamberry works for kids too!) would like to be Princess Anna or Elsa, you better choose this nail wraps collection. There’s a lot to choose from and undoubtedly, there’s that particular nail wrap that would complete your costume and give you an ultimate look!


  1. Marvel


Everybody loves superheroes because they rescue damsels in distress and save people from danger. Well, it’s undeniable that Marvel has created few of the most celebrated superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and the X-Men. It’s no wonder why a lot of people dress up like superheroes during Halloween and if you’re one of the many who prefers this theme for your costume, that’s a great idea! Top off your attire with a nail wrap of your choice from the Jamberry Marvel collection.

Okay, so now you have a lot of designs to choose from and certainly one of them will perfectly match your costume. It’s easy to apply and you can allot your time to other stuff like putting makeup, fixing your makeup and preparing your costume. You can absolutely say that you have everything properly take care of, from head to toe! It’s not even impossible for you to win the best costume if you’ll be joining a contest. Just remember to have fun on Halloween and greet everyone with a smile – literally everyone, including Jason X or Freddy Krueger (in case you meet one of them). Go get yourself out there and be proud of your nails. Enjoy trick or treating!

Why Jamberry Nail Wraps Isn’t What You Think It Is: 6 Interesting Facts You Have To Know

Published / by Jenna

First of all, you might think what are Jamberry nail wraps? Well, it is not just one of the mundane nail wraps that you know. Basically, nail wraps are thin vinyl sheets that are pressure and heat activated to adhere to your nail for a long lasting and beautiful look. Jamberry also works like that, but in a much better way. Some of you may already have heard a thing or two about this product and some don’t even know about it yet. Don’t worry, you’re about to discover more about it.

jamberry nail wraps

Of course, just like any other products out there, it is inevitable that you might grasp a few skeptical reviews about Jamberry nail wraps, however, just keep your mind open for what you’re about to read. To shed a light on this matter and help you understand why it’s worth your time and money, let me share the six interesting facts you have to know about Jamberry nail wraps.


  1. Jamberry Nail Wraps Aren’t stickers


The biggest misconception people have about these nail wraps is that it’s a sticker – the truth is, it’s not. It is actually solid vinyl sheets that are heat and pressure activated to stick to your nails. Moreover, it is capped with a protective layer that helps avoid chipping of the nail shield. Given this, the nail wraps last up to two weeks on your fingernails and six weeks on your toenails.


  1. It’s In Fact Easy To Apply


You can apply Jamberry nail wraps in six simple steps and you can even finish it before the oven ticks as your dinner is ready to be served or right before your next chore calls out for you. It’ll only take more or less than 20 minutes to complete and since it’s heat and pressure activated, it dries up quickly.


Here’s how:

  • Clean and dry your nails using rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes; cut off cuticles.
  • Find the wraps that best fits your nail size (oversize or undersize wraps don’t look good).
  • Cut the decal in half and use a hair dryer to heat on the sticky side until pliable (but don’t touch the sticky side!)
  • Apply the wrap to the nail as close to the nail bed as possible. (Tip: to avoid bubbles and make the wrap stick better, press down at the base of the nail, then slightly stretch the wrap over the top edge of the nail, while maintaining pressure)
  • Trim the excess using nail scissors then use the grit nail file in a downward direction to ensure that the wrap is precisely even all the way down to the edge of the nail.
  • Finish it off by blow drying or applying more heat and pressing down the wrap to ensure the adhesive sticks around all edges.


  1. It’s Cheaper Than It Looks

    jamberry nails are cheaper

Jamberry nail wraps are way cheaper than having your nails done in the salon. Besides, it’s the main reason why it was created. Each set costs $15 which includes 18 wraps that are good for at least 2 full sets of fingers and 2 full sets of toes. Kindly check the illustration made by simplenailsandbeauty below for the calculation and you’ll be surprised to find out that you can actually save money!


  1. Jamberry Nail Wraps Don’t Cause Nail Damage


NO – these nail wraps don’t cause any damage to your nails, unlike artificial nails or any other gel manicures. Jamberry nail wraps don’t contain a single component that can lead to fungal infection or cause your nails to be brittle. Using it won’t give you any problems regarding your nail health.


  1. Kids Can Use It Too!mommy-and-me-toes

Oh, yes, Jamberry also makes wraps for kids! There are a lot of designs you can choose from and you can even create your own by combing layers. You can be as creative or playful as you want with it, especially for your cheerful kid. The chemicals being used to manufacture these wraps are toxic-free and definitely not a single harmful chemical is being added to it. So, it’s perfectly safe for kids to use.


  1. A Lot Of Choices To Choose From

    jamberry nail wraps  halloween

Got any occasion or event in mind? Holidays to prepare for? Well then, Jamberry nail wraps are the way to go! As what we’ve mentioned previously, it comes in a wide array of designs which are suitable for any special events or occasions. It’s fun, stylish and most of all, artistic! You can do it any way you like it, the choice is yours. Halloween is just around the corner and certainly fun beckons, are you to resist? Try one out now!


To top it off, you can use Jamberry nail wraps anytime, anywhere you want – you can do it while you relax at home. You can save yourself a trip to the nail salon and you can spend the extra money on other stuff. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the smell because it there is absolutely zero – I mean, you can’t smell a single thing at all. So now, you can get that gorgeous-looking, attention-grabbing nails without breaking a sweat!

A Little History of Nails and Beauty

Published / by Jenna

Jamberry Nail Wraps: The Best Inexpensive Nail Salon Alternative

From time to time, women also need to pamper themselves and look good. When we think about the aesthetics of women, some of us would just care about the clothes they wear and how they put on their make-up. Sometimes, we also forget that our nails need pampering too, especially from a hard day’s work.

During night out with friends, women often talk about the hottest make-up and fashion trends if they’re not talking about the guy next door. Women is often associated with vanity that men in this day and age still doesn’t understand. Well, there’s no denying that women are complicated beings. Our beauty regime won’t be complete without the occasional visit to the nail salon to get our nails done but, what if you’re too busy and have almost no time for a nail salon visit? Well, there’s an alternative for you that you and your friends will surely love.

Nail Treatments and its significance to the ancient world

The precise source of nail treatments is still unknown. It looks like nail treatments has been practiced from all over the world since ancient times. In ancient Egypt dating back 5000 to 3000 B.C., women indicates social status and seductiveness by using henna to dye their hair. Surprisingly, in ancient cosmetic, not women but men, coated their nails with black and green kohl.

In Babylonia, 3200 B.C, Babylonian warriors would take on hours of beauty treatments before going to war including having their hair curled, having their nails done and other beauty treatments. It’s strange though why warriors have to prepare aesthetically before going to war.

Nail color is significant in Ancient Egypt in identifying one’s social status. For the common man, the nails are painted green while noblemen have black nails.

Nail polish and nail art origin

The first nail polish was created in Ancient China. They used gum Arabic, gelatin, vegetable dyes, egg whites and beeswax mixed together in order to create a mixture where they immersed their nails for a couple of hours and then left it on to dry.

In 600 B.C. Zhou Dynasty, royalty applied this simple nail polish mixture on their nails with gold and silver dust to show their social status as well.

The very first known nail art was from the short-lived Inca Empire (1438 – 1533), one of the biggest empires of South America at that time. Incas would paint eagles on their nails to beautify them just like how women in the modern world would paint on colorful flowers and other art forms on their nails to enhance them.

In Ming Dynasty (1368 -1644), people from this period was known due to their immensely long nails. Unlike the Incas, they don’t paint on eagles to their nails to embellish them but instead, after dyeing their nails and dusting them with gold or silver, they would put on gold and jewel encrusted nail guards in order to protect their nails from being damaged.

The first ever elaborate gold and silver manicure sets were made in 1770.

Jamberry Nails Industry in the Popular Culture

Women all over the world are spending tons of money on nail services alone and it’s increasing rapidly every year. Ever since the creation of modern nail polish, the nail care industry has become a huge hit among women and young girls.

We all know that these nail care services aren’t cheap and some of us wants that inexpensive nail salon care alternative that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. A Jamberry Nails Wrap gives you just what exactly you need. You can apply these wonderful nail wraps even on your busy schedules. It’s quick and easy, cost-effective and most of all, time saving.

What are Nail Wraps?

Nail wraps are created from thin vinyl sheets that are pressure and heat activated in order for the material to stick to your nails. The best thing about nail wraps is that you never have to worry about streaks and smudges that traditional nail polish creates during application. They are made from quality materials so the nail wraps can last for up to four weeks on toes and two weeks on fingernails without chipping, peeling or fading. Imagine how much time and money you’ll going to save compared to expensive nail salon treatments. It’s easy to apply at home and it requires zero dry time unlike nail polish plus, it’s also non-toxic so it’s 100% safe to use.

So next time, if you want artistic nails that your friends are going to be jealous of, ditch the nail salon for good. Jamberry nail wraps gives you over the top nail art experience without shelling out tons of your hard-earned cash.