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How to Decrease Environmental Pollution


Environmental pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the environment, and these substances cause an adverse change to the environment. Excessive noise, light can contaminate the environment, and foreign substances such as dust, littering with plastics, paper bags as well as heat and smoke. Environmental pollution can be reduced by pursuing many measures.

First of all, this kind of pollution can be controlled by implementing the re-use and recycle methods out from waste materials. Used materials such as nylon paper bags and plastics that easily pollute the environment can be re-used again. For instance, paper bags used in many supermarkets can be re-used by customers to grow seedlings on their farms. Another, used plastics can be recycled to other products and by-products. This will help reduce environmental pollution caused by such pollutants.

Similarly, it is imperative to state that environmental pollution can be decreased by making composite manure. Foreign materials that pollute the environment can be heaped together in a composite pit and decomposed to make composite manure. Examples of such materials include waste water and decomposable waste such as green leaves.

Also, this kind of pollution can be reduced by purchasing fuel-efficient vehicles and encouraging more people to ride to work instead of using vehicles. For those who use public vehicles, it is advisable that an oil change is regularly done like after every three months. Doing this will automatically reduce the smoke emitted to the environment and reduce environmental noise. This is tied to the fact that the more the vehicles and fuel used, the more the pollution caused.

Nevertheless, this kind of pollution can be reduced by planting more trees and doing sustainable agriculture. Planting trees on the bare land will control causes of environmental pollution such as dust blown by the wind and volcanic eruptions. Following smart agricultural practices such as planting cover crops on the bare farm and cultivating responsibly will help minimize environmental pollution.

Lastly, proper waste and chemical management in industries will help reduce this kind of pollution. Many industries use a lot of industrial chemicals in their manufacturing processes. Such chemicals cause pollution once released. This kind of pollution caused by industrial activities can be reduced by using more of solar energy and other types of clean energy that will not emit a lot of chemicals and smoke to the environment. A superior example is using electricity in industries rather than kerosene or diesel.

Green Environment for Better Human Living


If we are talking about green environment then we have a comprehensive discussion. The environment has many elements both living and non-living. The non-living factors are consist of water, air and land, and the living things are the trees, humans, animals. These are treated in particular ways to maintain its balance in order to create a green and healthy environment.

To have a concept of what green environment is like, it is better to extract its definition. A green environment is an environment that does not harm or which that causes very minimal danger to its ecosystems and inhabitants.

If we try to orient ourselves closely on the elements of the environment, we will be aware of the important role of humans either to harm the ecosystem or to conserve the environment. Humans harm the environment by the usage of certain chemicals and contributing to pollution. The daily usage of detergent, smoke from vehicles, smoke from burning plastic, and many other pollutants lead to the destruction of nature and the ozone layer.

However, humans can also take part in maintaining a clean and green environment simply by formulating environmental-friendly ideas. Now, another challenge is how to create such movement with minimal pollution. It is actually difficult to realize knowing that humans have long been accustomed to electrical devices, vehicles, plastic material and the like.

There are so many things that people can do that will give a huge impact to save the Earth such as reducing or eliminating the usage of plastic. People can also prevent pollution by recycling and by burying non-biodegradable materials instead of burning them. Choosing paper bags over plastic bags also help so much to reduce the destruction of the ozone layer. Changing standard light bulbs will also help you decrease the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and at the same time it will cost you less of your bill. Reducing carbon dioxide can also be done by planting more trees.

Those helpful tips can be done when you are at home and everywhere you wish to go in your community. Today, the world credits companies, business establishments and organizations that supports environmental projects and campaigns.

Green environment means eliminating pollution to have cleaner and better air, water, and soil. It is not just for the sake of the non-living thing but also to humans most importantly. Having a better environment leads to a better living.